Sunday, October 19, 2014

Back To School {September 2014}

I'm a month or so behind, but the kids are back to school! We've settled in nicely to our new school routine and schedule. I must say the schedule this year is fabulous and it is only going to get better from here on out!

Shane has transitioned into full day 1st grade. He jumped back to school loving it, but then realized that he didn't have as much time to play any more. Weeks 2 and 3 were quite a bit harder. He reverted back to crying before school and not wanting to go. By week 4 he was back to loving school and no tears, which makes my life so much easier! We just had conferences last week and he is doing great. Math comes pretty naturally and easy for him. He is working on his reading and writing, but right where he is suppose to be. We are doing a lot around here to make reading fun and something he'll enjoy doing. Writing is his least favorite thing to do, but he has great ideas, it is just getting him to get them down on paper.

Adalyn has started her 1st year of preschool and is loving it! She goes two days a week for just a little over 2 hours each time. Days that she doesn't go she is upset and wants to go more. She is 100% the opposite of her brother at this stage in life. It is so refreshing to drop her off at school when she has a big smile on her face and can't wait to go.

I work on Fridays from 9-2pm as a Parenting Educator at Lake Washington Toddler Group. Moving my work schedule from Saturday to Friday has been really awesome. I didn't expect the day change to effect me so much, but it really has.

Between having Shane in school full time, Adalyn in school a tiny tiny bit and my work schedule things seem to be flowing nicely. On Friday's, while I work, Adalyn goes to a friends house just minutes from where we leave. She gets to spend the day with an awesome Mommy and her daughter who is roughly the same age as Adalyn. I feel super duper blessed to have had this childcare fall into my lap.

Here's to an awesome school year!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

First Real Soccer Season

It happened...Shane asked to play soccer.

After his dislike for it when he was a toddler I thought we might just skip over the whole soccer thing. But then he started to play it at recess at school. Then he started to talk about soccer non-stop (in the middle of baseball season). Then he wanted to play soccer at home. Finally, he asked if he could join a team. Ok, Ok, we'll let you give soccer a second try. And darn it, he likes it a lot and he is actually even pretty darn good at it, too.

He plays on a U-8 soccer team called the Juanita Lightning. They haven't won a single game. But they are getting better and better each game and it is a lot of fun to see the boys improve each week.

This particular game they played a super super good team. Shane also played a whole half as goalie for the first time. I don't think goalie is his favorite position, although he played it really hard and intensely.

One of the funniest things about Shane playing soccer is how right in the middle of everything he is. After living with this kid who has had major anxiety and is super sensitive and hated soccer when he was 3 years old because the kids were to close to him and there was too much movement. He is now right smack in the middle of it all. It amazes me every time I see him play. It is a huge reminder of how far he has come.

Cheering his team on from the sidelines. Another awesome thing about this soccer season is that we've yet to play or practice in the rain! I'll be a soccer Mom any day in the sunshine. It's that cold, rain and mud that gets me. 

Today after practice he asked me if he could play next season, too. I think we may have ourselves a soccer player. Shhhh....Don't tell him that there is a such thing as indoor soccer. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Jetty Island

For years I've wanted to go to Jetty Island up north in Everett. It takes a little planning and a non-napper. This year we made it happen.

You take literally a 3 minute "ferry" ride from the marina to the island. 
That dock/little marina behind the boat is where we were headed.

Riding over. Smiles 'cause we got on the very first ferry on opening day! 

Tide was out...time to explore.

My favorite new beach item...our shade tent. So easy to put up and take down. 
Makes days at the beach awesome and I can't wait to take it camping. 
Some day I just know I'll need it for a rainy day while watching sports. 

Bubble catching is their new favorite beach activity.

We took a short walk around a bit of the island. 
There is a total of 4 miles of walking trails. 
A very cool place to explore.

You can see the tip of the island behind them.
Where we were at there were tons of people, 
but just a little walk down there was no one in sight.

She sat on this bucket and sang songs for the longest time.

Shane called this paradise (except for where all the people were at).

A fun adventure. Sadly, the blue skies that started the day out with us, turned cloudy half the way through. We hope to come back again and explore and play more next summer.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July {2014}

We  spent our 4th of July afternoon at Kenny's Aunt and Uncles. This is an annual event and the kiddos look forward to the water fun, food and cousins. Adalyn actually said that she was going to eat first and then go swimming.

This kiddo just started taking swimming lessons. 
She feeling a bit more comfortable in the water. 
She hung onto the side most of the time 
and really liked having her life vest + floaty always with her.

This kiddo is also getting more and more comfortable with the water 
and spent half his time in the pool with out his life jacket.

Adalyn and Shane + photo bomb by Brody the 1.5 year old puppy.

4th of July wouldn't be the 4th of July with out a trip out on the boat.
Adalyn, Anna, Brooke and Shane

Kenny chillin'

We woke up to blue skies and thought for sure we'd have a beautiful weather for the 4th, 
which is always hit or miss in the PNW. 
Sadly, as the day progressed the clouds came in and we even got some rain. 
That didn't keep the kids out of the water though. 

Little Adalyn and Big Kid Anna

Brooke warming up after her trip out in the tube.

This brave kid decided this year he'd get on the inner tube. 

 He was having fun!

 Mt. Rainer hanging out behind us. 

 Dinner Time: Eloise, Brooke, Owen, Anna, Shane and Adalyn 

Fun times with family!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shane Turns 7

Our little man had a birthday earlier this month. It was a Skylander themed party. If you've never heard of Skylander's before you probably don't have an elementary school boy in your house. He picked this "love" up from his fellow classmates. He really had no idea what Skylanders were all about when he requested it, but we ran with it anyways. At one point I'm pretty sure I was better versed in the whole thing more then he was.

He invited 7 friends. Which is a good number for him, because he still gets a little overwhelmed with large loud groups. The weather was fantastic, since I had played all of the games to be outside.

There are 8 elements in the world of Skylanders. The kids played 8 games each themed by an element. 

The first game they played was from the tech element. We had "gold" coins hiding in the backyard. Each kiddo needed to find 6 coins. After each game they got to get their "passports" punched.

The second game they played (I forgot to get pictures of) was for the element of wind. They tossed water balloons down from the deck into a big bucket. They had 3 attempts and there was lots of laughing.

Next up was the water element. They had water soakers that they used to knock over the cans on the stump.

Then the life element was up. They each had a balloon that they had to pop with their bottoms. Each game was so funny to watch them. They were excited about all of it.

Next up was the earth element where there were plastic bugs frozen that they had to smash out and rescue them.

Then we had the element of fire. Where they took "fireballs" and tossed them through the circle of fire.

Adalyn even had a go at each game.

This game was using the element of undead. Each boy had a balloon tied to their leg and they had to keep it from getting popped by the other kiddos. Everyone kept theirs alive, except poor Adalyn who got hers popped instantly. She was so upset and still talks about how her balloon got popped.

I thought I had saved the best game for last with the element of magic. I had diet coke and mentos and the idea is that when you put the mentos in the coke it makes a big fountain of fizz. Sadly, I had purchased small containers of coke and they didn't fizz very much.

 We followed the games with with some snacks and cupcakes. Shane requested chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and a cherry on top.

I let Shane pick the menu for the party.  He requested raspberries, cherries, provolone and cheddar cheese, salami, ritz crackers and graham crackers with frosting. I didn't deny his gluten ridden menu either.

There were lots of smiles, potty talk and laughing. 


And a little sister just taking it all in. 

We finished with some gift opening. Followed by utter madness in the backyard. Thank goodness the parents started to arrive. Two hours with 7 boys was perfect timing.

This was the last picture I got before my camera decided to call it quit after 6.5 years (from left to right): Kristopher, Cole, Collin, Callum, Carver, Shane, Ryan and Landon. Truly a bunch of sweet boys.