Friday, July 31, 2009

August CTMH Blog Hop

Welcome to the Close To My Heart Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!

All artwork on the hop will feature August's SOTM, "It's Your Day" a set of 26 stamps! If you have come here from Antoinette's Blog you are on the right path! If this is your first stop, you may want to go back to Jena's Blog and start from the beginning.

This month we have 64 CTMH Consultants sharing their SOTM creations, and other great CTMH artwork. Joining the hop is fun and simple to do - just click the link at the end of each blogger's post to move to the next one! If you get lost or a link doesn't work just click on the links in the list below... Here we go!

I designed this card from the Mojo Monday template this week. This was the first time for me joining in the Mojo Monday fun and for participating in the Blog Hop. Lots of first for me. I also have been wanting to use black in a card lately. I even accomplished that, too! I love that this card is more masculine and could be used as a party invitation, not just a birthday card. It makes this stamp of the month really versatile. Oh, and circles are the in thing these days, too.

Enchanted Paper Packet (featured colors are Garden Green and Smokey Plum)
Black cardstock
Black buttons
Black hemp fiber
Edge distresser
Sponge distresser

This is another card I made with the stamp of the month. The cake is a lot of fun.

Remember, the August SOTM is only available until August 31st, contact me to see how you can get this stamp set at a discount or even free!

Thanks for stopping by! Now "hop" on over to Jen's Blog to see her work! Or... click on the links below for ALL the bloggers participating in the hop:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Kenny and I....4 years ago we got married on a beautiful sunny day in my hometown of Sequim, WA. We had a great celebration with friends and family.

Here's to many more years to come!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Shower Invitation

I'm in the process of making 30 of these baby shower invites for a dear friend of mine. I'll be throwing the shower for her at the end of August and of course was most excited to make some cute invites for the party. The details of the shower are going to be printed onto the back of the card.

CTMH Serendipity Heart of Winter Project Pack (featured colors: Bamboo, Chocolate, Dutch Blue and Outdoor Denim)
Chocolate Marker
Coluzzle for the circles
You're Invited stamp is a $1 bin stamp from Micheal's.

Thanks Jessica M. for the inspiration for this invitation!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Card Gift Set

My Mom asked me to make her a set of cards so she could use them as a birthday gift.

I started off with a card template from Vicki at Wizard's Hangout. I made a total of 10 cards. I like the cheerfulness of the cards. And using the botanical fancy cuts made for some really fast layered flowers!

Perfect Day paper packet (featured colors: Cocoa, Juniper, Sorbet and Tulip
Fancy Cute Botanicals
Various brads, sparkles and eyelets for the center of the flowers
Pop Dots on some of the flowers
Various sentiment stamp sets

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Kenny and I had a relaxing pre-anniversary weekend. Shane went to Sequim to hang with Grandma and Grandpa while Kenny and I celebrated our anniversary a few days early.

Friday night we ate at the best burger place around: Teddy's Burgers in Woodinville. Then enjoyed the warm weather in downtown Kirkland.

Saturday morning we took the dogs on a hike at Tiger Mountain. We ended up going about twice as long as planned and wore all 4 of us out completely. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around and watching Reign on Me. A serious movie with Adam Sandler. Not bad, I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars. Later that evening I enjoyed some time with the girls at craft club (stay tuned for pictures of my finished project). Kenny went for a 2 hour and 45 minute run....crazy! He is training for a marathon at the end of August.

Sunday morning we got up and went on an Argossy Locks Tour. We really liked it. We learned a lot more about the area, the weather was perfect and we were early enough to miss most of the crazy tourists. We had lunch at Steamers and chips of course. Then back to the house to hide out from the heat wave. Well we washed the cars in an attempt to stay a little cooler. We also watched the movie Juno. I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars also.

Seattle sky line as we headed back to the dock. The sky was a little hazy and I was having a terrible time with my camera. I had to get the guys red hat in the picture to get it to take. I need to crop that out, but oh well.

Waiting to go throw the locks.

Now on our way out of the locks. Can you see on the side how much the water dropped? That was really cool to go through.

I thought his line of tug boats was super cute.

Kenny's Poem

Kenny wrote this poem for his sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law and read it at their rehearsal dinner. It brought about quite a few laughs and surprised just as many that Kenny was the author.

Aimee’s about to begin a new part of her life
A part that will make her Chris’ new wife

No longer a Booth, will she be called by name
Instead, a Delnero, which she can proudly proclaim

But before she exchanges vows and officially says ‘I do’
I need to describe my little sister, for those who never knew

Aimee is the youngest child, the last from Jeni and Joe
Before her came Claire, then yours truly, her big bro

We grew up in the metropolis known as Reno
As kids in the buffet, we’d play pretend Keno

We didn’t have the luxury known as cable TV
So we all got to watch Aimee’s favorite movie

The hills were alive with the Sound of Music
She watched until she knew every single lyric

The rest of us heard all those songs for many years
Then came New Kids on the Block, my poor, poor ears

As a family we went on some long summer trips
I would count Corvettes while Aimee counted Rabbits

We drove across the country from Reno to the east
Stopping at many McDonald’s to enjoy a family feast

Aimee loved her burgers, but ate them rather slow
So she usually missed the French fries before we had to go

Aimee was unlike her siblings in the activities she preferred
She chose music over my sports and Claire’s written word

She tried the flute, the piano and finally the trombone
She mastered every one, even the xylophone

To me it was all noise, which interfered with my day
I’d moan and groan and escape outside to play

But despite all my cries and calls to quiet down
She stuck with it and became one of the best around

When it came time to head off to that place that we called Hug
She became the band leader and rose above a school of thugs

Some people would say she was just a band geek
Myself included, but always tongue-in-cheek

She survived football seasons and finally did graduate
And earned herself a trip to the great Centennial state

She settled down in a place populated with Rams
She played her music and passed all of her exams

Then off to rural life, way up in the hills
She found a community, to teach her music skills

Not satisfied with the life in a small town
She jetted back to school to wear another gown

This time she would leave with a mightier degree
She found a new job, teaching in Jefferson County

Her plan had come together; she was just missing a soul mate
Then along came Chris Delnero, to take her on a date

The two hit it off, without skipping a beat
Quickly their two lives had become very complete

While Aimee instructed kids in the fine art of music
Chris was preparing for the day all the astronauts got sick

It took a little while but Aimee finally found her life crush
Albeit to a man who got paid to make things flush

All joking aside, I welcome Chris to the family
I couldn’t be happier for my little sister, Aimee

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Colorado Family Reunion Part 2.

Breckenridge, Colorado: Sunday afternoon we headed up into the Colorado Rocky Mountains, to a little town called Breckenridge. There were 25 people from the Booth/Parker clan descending upon this little ski village. We stayed in a resort called Mountain Thunder. We had 3 town homes that would hold 3 families each in them. Each place was beautiful and it felt great to have our own bedroom and bathroom. What luxury! The town was really cute and had great little shops and restaurants. We spent some fun times hanging out downtown, shopping, eating, walking, enjoying the beautiful wildflowers and laughing at the local brewery.

Our town house. You can't see it but our rental car was an HHR, which had us laughing.
A view of the mountains from downtown Breckenridge.
Playing at the little playground at our resort: Shane, Meredith and Brooke. Enjoying some downtime watching a DVD (thanks Julie) and munching on bananas: Meredith and Shane.
Getting our swim on.
We had heard about this train to go on and thought the kids would enjoy it. We set out one morning to find this said train. Carolyn had fun pushing Shane in his stroller.
And here ya go...You can say this wasn't quite what we were picturing. None-the-less, everyone had a good time, me included!

2nd cousins: Shane, Meredith, Brooke, Anna and Carolyn.
Shane getting some love from Bella. The last day we were together, she just couldn't keep her hands off of him. It was super cute, even though Shane wasn't so sure about all the love.
All the 2nd cousins: Shane, Bella, Meredith, Brooke, Eli, Carolyn, Anna, Conner and Garrett.
Hiking: One morning we took a little hike/walk up the hill behind where we were staying. Shane did great, walking about a mile before he asked "uppie". He loved seeing all the plants, streams, bugs and just being a boy in the woods. The highlight of the walk for us was when we saw a fox. She saw us first, but we all stared at each other for a few moments before she took off. She had been hunting, you could see a little rat or mouse tail hanging out of her mouth. Kenny was able to get a quick shot of her running back up the hill.

This was a old gold mine that we stopped off to check out. On the drive up, you could see lots of gold mine stuff leftover in the mountains and tons of mine lefts overs. It was really neat to see.
A view of Breckenridge from our hike.
My little hiker!
We saw these beautiful wild sunflowers all over. I just loved all the wildflowers we saw in Breckenridge and Denver.
Checking out the little stream.
The slide: A bunch of the more brave people of the group went on a big slide that went down one of the mountains. I stayed behind while Shane napped. They had a great time flying down the mountain in little sleds, that had brakes...thank goodness!

Brent and Conner riding up the ski lift to get to the slide.
The slide at the bottom.

Weather: Upon arriving in Colorado, I instantly saw a sign that said "tornado shelter". one told me about this part of our vacation. It turns out there had been a small tornado a couple days before we arrived and the day after we left for Breckenridge there was a huge thunder storm. Glad we missed out on all that weather action. Up in the mountains the weather was crazy though. One second it would be hot, the next windy and rainy. And I'm not kidding, it would be mere seconds to make those drastic changes. Then a few minutes later it would be warm again.

Altitude: One of the more unusal things about our trip was being so high up. When you come from a place that is pretty much sea level and then end up at 9,600 feet, there are alot of differences that you don't realize. I didn't sleep much all week. I had restless sleep issues, which they say are caused by altitude. I didn't have many problems with breathing, except when I laid down it felt like I had an elephant laying on my chest. It could be hard to catch your breath that high up. Our highest point was 11,200 feet when we went through this really really long tunnel to get up and down from Breckenridge. Man, that was one scary tunnel! One more thing about being so high up was how close the stars and clouds are to you. The stars were so low they went behind the trees and the clouds looked like you could touch them. Super cool!

Red Rocks: One of our last adventures was a very quick stop off at Red Rocks in Denver on the way back to the airport. It is this super cool natural rock formation that they have turned into an amphitheater. I would love to see a concert there!

Colorado Wedding Vacation -- Part 1.

Wow...what a full fun week of vacationing in Colorado. A lot to tell and share, so here I go.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: We used all kinds of modes of transportation this week. Just to get home yesterday we took: a rental car, then a shuttle bus, next a train, then an airplane, onto a shuttle and finally into our own car. Both plane rides had their own mishaps. On the way to Denver right before we took off we had to move seats because of Shane's car seat. Sounds easy enough, except his car set got stuck and we couldn't unbuckle it. Nerve racking to have the whole plane stare at you. On the way home Shane threw up all over. It got both of us really good. Luckily we learned to bring him a change of clothes, but not myself. I stunk so bad!! Sorry to all the people around us on that flight.

Shane in his car seat on the way there.

We decided to ditch the car seat for the trip back, which helped a lot. The big boy sitting in his own chair, enjoying the views.

Visit with Kenny's College Friends: After arriving safely in Denver (2 hours later then we had expected), we got Shane down for a nap in the hotel. We had a little time to unwind, but because we were late getting to the hotel we had to wake Little Guy up from his nap so we could go visit with some of Kenny's college friends and have dinner. We headed to Arvada to Sean and Jessica's house, where Shane got to play with Xalen and we got to meet little Brinlee. Katie, Josh and their son, Ethan came by also to visit with us, also! It was great to catch up with friends and have yummy dinner. Thanks guys for starting our trip off on the right foot!
Three thirsty boy's at dinner (Shane, Xalen and Ethan)

Shane playing with Brinlee. He just loves little babies.

Coors Baseball Field Tour: We had some free time one morning, so we all set off for a tour of the local baseball field. Shane was a bit behind on sleep and made the tour quite interesting for all of us. Totally melt down the majority of the time. Can't say this was my favorite part of the trip, but not everything can be, right? Another big sorry to all the other people on our tour! Not a lot you can do with a grumpy and tired two year old!

In the locker room, trying everything possible to keep Shane happy.

Meredith, Carolyn and Shane (cousins).

Bachelor and Bachlorette parties: We were in Denver for Kenny's younger sister, Aimee's wedding. We had a busy few days of pre-wedding events. The first took us both in separate directions to bachelor/bachlorette parties. While Shane stayed at the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa Booth and got to play with his cousins, Carolyn and Meredith. Kenny went to an all you can eat Brazilian steak house, were he and all the other guys ate themselves silly. They ended the night with a few games of bowling. The girls headed to a Mexican restaurant and then to a comedy show called "Girls Only". It was absolutely hilarious! The show was two women doing skits about women. Two hours of gut rolling laughter! We had a great time meeting Aimee and Chris' friends and getting out for a night! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Booth for watching the kids while we all got a night out on the town.

Bridal Shower: Claire, my sister-in-law, was in charge of the bridal shower. She put together a great event where people from both sides of the family got a chance to mingle and learn more about the two. We learned that Aimee can play 13 instruments and that Chris loves his meat. I lended a hand where needed. Thanks Claire for all your hard work planning a bridal shower from a far.

Rehearsal Dinner: That evening we had a fabulous dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant for rehearsal dinner. Shane was the ring bearer for the wedding so he needed to practice his part. Turns out he wasn't so up to practicing. But we had a yummy dinner with friends and family. The food just kept coming and coming. We watched a great slide show of the Bride and Groom, as well as, hearing some hilarious stories about the two of them. Kenny even got up and read a very funny poem about the Bride and Groom. I'll post that in the near future. Thanks to Chris' Mom and Dad for a fun rehearsal dinner!

We brought along some Hot Wheels for Shane on this trip. I got them for .50 cents at Fred Meyer. They saved the day on many occasions!! Here Shane is entertaining himself at rehearsal dinner with his Hot Wheels.

Swimming: During some of our down time we would hit the pool. Shane turned into a little fish over the week. It was the first time he had used floaties. He would jump off the side of the pool into Kenny's arms, would kick and "swim", he started to float on his back and flip over to his stomach. He was the most comfortable we had ever seen him in the water. Mommy or Daddy still couldn't go to far, but it is a start. Swimming lessons start in August for us, so it was great timing.

"I do."

The Big Wedding Day: The day finally arrived. We had a casual morning eating breakfast and driving around the town of Golden. We saw the Coors brewery. Kenny couldn't believe how big it was. Shane even got a chance to play at a local park. After a much needed nap for all three of us, we were up and dressed in our wedding clothes and out the door for pictures at a near by park. The weather so far had been quite warm and this afternoon was not different. We had some shade to take refugee in when we weren't having our pictures taken, but Shane wasn't so happy to be told to sit still and not get dirty in his cute little tux. He wanted nothing to do with getting his pictures taken with the wedding party (those should be interested to see how they turned out). But did better with the rest of the pictures since Mommy and Daddy where in them, too.

Getting his hands on the ring bearer pillow.
Shane, Meredith and Carolyn.
Papa and Shane before the wedding pictures.
Isn't he handsome!

The wedding venue was up on a hill with a beautiful view of the Denver area below us. There was a little creek with goldfish and a bridge that Shane was super fascinated with. We weren't so sure he was going to make it over the bridge to the wedding party. We talked and talked to him about what he needed to do as a ring bearer, but he just wasn't having it. He got hungry and tiredness set in right as the wedding began. It was melt down city!! Finally, we decided it would be best if Kenny escorted him down the aisle. Right as Shane started to walk down the aisle, he pulled himself together, handed his cracker over to Kenny, took his ring pillow and started walking. He was signing "water" the whole time. Kenny walked behind him a little ways. Shane stopped at the bridge, where he threatened to throw the pillow in the water. Kenny collected him at that point and took him to our seats. Where we had another close melt down, but was averted with the candy we had been bribing him with the whole afternoon. He made it threw the ceremony, the tux jacket came off and he was ready to party.

In love with the bridge!
Shane and Carolyn checking out the stream. Luckily the only thing to end up in their was Shane's shoe as we were leaving.

Shane right after the wedding party exited. He just couldn't get away from that bridge.
Second cousin Brent being silly like always!

What a day!
Papa and Shane on the bridge.
Me and Shane being silly at the end of the evening.
Little dancing man.
The wedding was lots of fun! Good food, yummy cake, friends and family to visit with and lots and lots of dancing. Finally around 10:30pm, we decided Little Guy needed to hit the hay. It had been a long day and we were all pretty tired. Congratulations to Aimee and Chris for a great wedding. They are currently enjoying two weeks in Hawaii! We can't wait to see all the wedding pictures!

Brunch: The next morning we headed to Aimee and Chris' house for a brunch with close friends and family. It was a nice chance to say good bye to people heading out. But for 25 of us we had a whole other adventure ahead of us.

Stay Tuned for the events of the Family Reunion in Breckenridge, Colorado!