Monday, April 28, 2014

Conversations With Adalyn

This morning I took Adalyn for the first time to a drop off childcare place. I had been thinking about doing this for a few weeks. I was struggling with a bit of mommy guilt, yet I knew that this new adventure would be good for both of us. This morning just seems liked the time to do it. I had some work projects that needed attention and it didn't seem fair for either of us if I try to do that with her at home with me. My work and her needs would certainly not get the attention either of them deserves.

I got the paperwork filled out and made the call to reserve her a spot. I then took the plunge and told her, just as concerned that big brother might be mad as well about this development.

She was thrilled with the news and Shane was just fine with not going to the "preschool" like place to play since he is in Kindergarten and almost a first grader.

It is overwhelmingly refreshing to have a child that is excited about life and says yes to new things. Having lived the past 6 years with a child with severe anxiety you learn to be scared of the reaction to a new adventure.

In the car on the way to drop her off:

Adalyn: Mommy, I'm a little sad and a little happy.

Me: That is totally okay, Baby Girl. I'll be back to pick you up before you know it. You can tell me about all the fun things you did.

I got her all settled in. She ran into the classroom with out hesitation. On my way out she came to say good-bye with a little apprehension in her eyes. I gave her a kiss and she was off to play. The "happy" took over and the sad was forgotten.

I love that girl.