Monday, March 11, 2013

Conversations With Shane

This is the conversation I had with Shane on the way home from preschool this afternoon:

Me: (as I buckled him up in the car) Looks like you played outside today (his jeans were covered in dirt).

Shane: I was a hot lava baby.

Me: Wow, that is very creative.

Shane: George and I were crawling around finding our hot lava Mommies. We looked in the haunted house, but she wasn't there. We found our Daddy and then traveled the country and went to Hawaii. We didn't find her there either.

Me: That was quite an adventure. Who was your hot lava Daddy.

Shane: Rory was our Daddy, actually no he wasn't. Actually we never found him.

Then he was off on another topic. Ah, the conversations I have with this kid.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm Jealous...

I seem to have piles and piles of pictures of Dodger sleeping. I've decided it is because I'm super jealous of this guy. He lays around on the couch snoozing away all day long. He gets up when he wants or we kick him off the couch. He just looks so happy and content cozy-ed all up. Some days I just wish I could curl up and sleep all day like Dodger Dog.