Wednesday, April 27, 2016

CrossFit {1 year anniversary}

A year ago this week, I walked into CrossFit Kenmore. I had butterflies in my stomach. My palms were sweaty. I was terrified and equally as excited to see what this CrossFit thing was all about.

It had been years since I had regularly worked out, if you don't count all the hours I had spent chasing after kids. That big 40 was in the back of my mind and my kids were starting to be more self sufficient. It felt like it was my time to embrace some new healthy life style habits. I was so tired of "crashing" at 2pm from either poorly eating or shear exhaustion. I knew I couldn't get into the gym more then twice a week. Work, kids, schedules just wouldn't allow it. I decided that if I could give 2 days a week, it was so much better then none at all. Since I step foot into CFK a year ago, I've worked out twice a week every week. Through illnesses, conference weeks.crazy schedules, vacations....I've gotten a workout in. It may not be ideal, but it's better then not going at all.

I had several friends that posted about their CrossFit journeys and I was very intrigued by them. I even worked in Redmond across from a CF gym for two years. I listened to their loud music and watched as they would flip tires, run laps and do a variety of  other things that looked like sheer torture. I hated running, and these people did A LOT of running. How the heck could CF work for me?

I decided to just jump in. I spent 5 sessions learning CF basics and then was let loose with all the other CFers. Man, those first few times, and even the first few months, I still walked in with butterflies. I am by no means a natural at some of this stuff. Snatches!?! Oh my! A year later I may just slightly be getting better. You want me to squat while I do that!? I still can't even make my body do that. A pull up?! You want me to do 10 all on my own. Thank goodness for bands. That huge thick blue band I needed to do a pull up with a year ago. This week I did 2 strict pull ups with the a skinny purple band, the smallest one at the gym. I can't do a pull up on my own yet, but I'm getting closer.

Running...that was an evil word to me. Even married to a guy that has run every single day for almost 12 years now. My body just flat out didn't like doing it. I can now run a mile with out really thinking twice about it. I'm not the fastest runner, but heck...I can run a mile!! I could barely run 400 meters when I started with out calling it quits.

I've dropped 10 pounds and I am stronger then I've probably ever been in my life. I don't have what I like to joke as "resting muscle". Those muscles that just sit there even when you are not flexing. I've got a decent biceps and triceps when I flex though. Those "resting muscles" are on my to do list. I'll get there.

About a month into CFing, I decided if I was going to be working my butt off as hard as I was twice a week, then I sure wanted to put better food into my body. Kenny agreed to do the Whole 30 challenge with me. From there we've morphed into a Whole 30/Paleo diet and have continued eating that way for about 10 months now. Getting rid of grains was a big deal for me. I didn't even realized how bad they were making me feel until maybe 6 months off them. I now like a sugar fix here and there. I also have a touch of diary now and again. Overall though, my eating habits have changed drastically and I don't "crash" any more during the day.

I've met a lot of great people at CFK. I love the challenge and versatility of CF. I love that I can modify it to work for me and where I'm physically at. I love to see my improvements and successes. Not every day is my best work out. I've left in tears, feeling so ticked off at my body for not getting it. Most days though, I walk out ready to take on the world.

I have "before" and "after" pictures. Though I don't think you can see a lot of changes between the two. It was a quick after thought one morning a year ago when I asked Adalyn to snap a quick picture.

 A year ago at the beginning of my CrossFit adventures.

A year later. You can't see it, but I'm feeling way more fit!