Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend Away

Kenny gifted me with a weekend away for Mother's Day. Thanks to my Mom for helping make that all happen. Mema came over to watch Shane and Adalyn while Kenny and I had a little 2 night get-away.

We left Saturday morning and headed up to the Mulkiteo Ferry to take over to Whidbey Island. I am pretty sure it was my first time riding that particular ferry.

Our first stop was at Double Bluff beach. A perfect Washington beach, full of logs, sand, seaweed and log forts made by previous visitors. The kids would have loved it. The sky was gray, but the sun was peeking out every now and then and the air felt warm.

Next up was lunch at Oak Harbor. I have driven through Oak Harbor a million times, but this was my first time checking out the downtown area. We ate at a local cafe and peeked into a few shops before heading out to Deception Pass. Once at Deception Pass we booked ourselves on a boat tour. One of the highlights of the trip for sure! Funny thing I didn't get a picture of the boat we took.

A little house boat in the marine we took off from and one of the many little islands we saw behind it.

Deception Pass Bridge

 There is a cave up in the top left side of this picture with bars on it. They used it to hold prisoners. Scary!!

The rip tide under the pass was crazy. Like white water rapids. 

We saw a seal porpoise out eating all the little salmon fries.

Bald eagle hanging out in the trees.  I'd very much recommend this tour.

We spent our first night in La Conner, where we had dinner and got to see a few local shops before everything was closed. Sunday morning we slept in and enjoyed the late noon check out time before heading to the Tulalip Resort Casino. We spent quite a few hours shopping Sunday afternoon at the outlet mall right next to the casino. So fun to shop until we dropped literally.

After shopping we headed over to our room (which was beautiful!) to regroup, eat dinner at the buffet (a highlight for Kenny), swim in the pool, check out the concert (a Motley Crue tribute band) and we finished the night off with a drink at the Impulse Lounge (I think it would be a great dance club on a Friday or Saturday).

Once again we slept in Monday morning, had breakfast at the buffet, made one more quick trip to the GAP and headed home to relieve Mema from kid duty. We had a perfect weekend away. It felt so nice to be just Jessica and Kenny. I love my kiddos, but sometimes yourself just gets swept away with all their needs. Taking a couple days and just doing what you want to do, reading when you want to read, sleeping when you want to sleep, etc is a wonderful feeling of freedom that you just don't have with two small children in the house.

Thanks Kenny for my awesome Mother's Day gift and to Mema for enduring the children for two plus days and to Papa for being tolerate of Mema's time away from him. 

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Shonda said...

Sounds heavenly! Glad that you were able to get some fresh air and couple time! I bet that Motley Crue tribute band was awesome. :)