Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coffee Bean Sensory Table

As I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets this week it dawned on me that using coffee beans in the sensory table might just be a great idea. I have a bunch of expired coffee beans from my Starbucks connected friend. She gave me some when I was looking to fill up 3 big glass containers in my kitchen. The coffee beans were way to expensive for me to buy the tons that I needed and I had some leftover for my little project.

The kids have been having lots of fun! One of the best sensory items we've had in a long time. Adalyn doesn't eat it and the dogs don't eat them either! Two of the big problems we have with the sensory items in the table. They are pretty easy to sweep or vacuum up as well.

I originally only put a few things in the table for them to play with, but as the days have gone by they've added more and more. I'll probably dump it all out in a day or two. The fun wears off after awhile and then it just becomes a mess that isn't fun to clean up any more.

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