Thursday, December 19, 2013

Conversations With Shane

While eating lunch after school earlier this week: 

Shane: Some kids at school don't believe there is a Santa. 

Me: Oh, and what do you think about that. 

Shane: I think there is one because I've seen him before. Maybe those kids just haven't seen him any where. Some of them just think that he doesn't fly and go around the world. That he walks every where. 

 Me: What do you think? 

Shane: I think he flies. 

And that was that. He has always asked questions and been very thoughtful about Santa since he was 3 years old and could talk to us about the whole concept. This was the first time he has flat out come to me with the possible idea that Santa doesn't exist. 

It made me laugh how calm and nonchalant he was about it, too. Just a couple weeks ago he asked me how Santa pays for all the gifts he gives. I usually turn the question back on him and ask him what he thinks. He eventually worked his way around deciding that people donate money and toys to Santa and that he makes them in his workshop, too. 

I was just chatting with some other Mom friends regarding kids and their believing in Santa or not. I'm okay with my kids not believing in Santa per say. What is most important to me is that they believe in Christmas and spirit of the holiday for giving and being thoughtful and generous with others. And that we celebrate Christmas because it's Jesus' birthday. Though those are things I want them to do all year around not just in December. Highlighting them during Christmas time is okay by me. 

The other funny part of this conversation was that he had just finished mailing his wish list to Santa. He had made one at school and wanted to know how he would get it to Santa. I said he could mail it to him. I gathered up the things he needed and told him how to address the envelope. Then he walked out to the mailbox and sent it off. He did say that he knew Santa wouldn't bring him all of the things on his list, but maybe he would.

The list says:
*Play Mobile RV (which he did ask Santa for)
*Pet Bunny
*Fire Truck
*Stuffed Bunny

And yes, he is pant-less...he is 99% of the time when he is home. He barely gets inside before his pants come off. We all laugh when we find him in them still after being home for more then 5 minutes. 

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