Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where Do I Start? {School Year 2015-16}

It's been a whole long time since I blogged last. I do truly miss blogging regularly and think about the blog often. I love looking back on past posts and we often reference it for details on past events and timeline happenings. The problem is now I just don't know where to start, how to catch up or even if I want to attempt a catch up game of sorts.

I think I'll jump in where we are at now....the beginning of a new school year.

Shane's is in his 3rd week of 2nd grade and lovin' every minute of it. He has a fabulous teacher that is new to our school, but she has been teaching for many years in our school district. From what I can tell so far she is a great fit for him. On the first day of school he told me on 3 different occasions about how she smiled at them all day long. He also has a full time student teacher for the whole school year! What an amazing gift to have in a class. They earn Beagle Bucks for following directions and other good behavior, which is a HUGE motivator for him. He has already spent he $60 earnings on a book and squishy ball. (He is a spender!)

He loves recess and plays soccer or kickball most of the time. He is a rule follower, which is suiting him very well in school. He continues to excel in math and enjoys reading. His least favorite subject is writing, though when he puts his mind to it, he tells great stories.

He biggest upset of the year was not having his best friend, Callum, in his class for the 3rd year in a row. There were tears shed when we found out. He's done really well though since then with adapting and moving on from that.

I look forward to watching him grow and learn this school year!

Adalyn is in her 1st week of Pre-K (her 2nd year of preschool). Besides not wanting to wear shoes that cover her toes, she LOVES preschool. She goes Monday and Wednesday from 9-1pm. Which includes a "lunch buddies" program after her regular preschool is over. She stays and gets to each lunch, plus some extra play time. Then on Friday she goes from 9-11:30. After preschool she heads over to Sarah's house where she plays until I get off of work at 2pm.

On the way home from preschool today she told me she wanted to learn how to read. I foresee a lot of educational growth in this little girl this year.

Next year she'll be off to kindergarten. We had planned on a half day program for her. Unfortunately for us, our school district may be rolling out fully funded full day kindergarten. If this plays out how it looks like it will, she be in full day kindergarten next year.  I'm very sad about this, yet know she will be super successful if we do have to go this route.

I am insanely excited to watch her blossom this year educationally.

We've settled into a nice school year routine. I can feel this year is going to rock!

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