Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Conversations with Shane and Adalyn

Out of the blue this morning:

Shane: I really want a big brother or a big sister.

Adalyn: I want a baby sister!!!

Me: Well, the only way to make that happen would be through adoption.

Shane and Adalyn continue on their plans for what kind of sibling they want in the family in her bedroom. Lots of compromising and planning.

Adalyn runs out to tell me: We have decided that we want to adopt a big brother and he can sleep in Shane's room in his bunk bed.

Shane: I'll share my room with him since I have bunk beds.

Adalyn: I want a baby sister, too! She can sleep in my room.

Me: Shane, why do you want a big brother so badly all of a sudden? (Adalyn's love of babies is not a new source of information.)

Shane: I can teach him about Star Wars, he can sleep in my room and we can play together. If he is only 1 year older then me, then he can go to Sandburg with us. Can we look for one on the computer?

Me: Yea, adopting a kid is not like adopting an animal. It's not quite that simple.....

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