Sunday, January 8, 2017

Adalyn's 6th Birthday

Adalyn turned 6 in November. Better late then never on the blog post. We had a quiet family celebration the day of. Which included a doughnut for breakfast, a day at school where she delivered goodies to her class and tacos for dinner, per her request. I had opted for dinner out, but tacos at home was what she wanted.

A few days later, she had a birthday party at her gymnastics gym.

They started out with an obstacle course. Always a favorite activity!

Then hit the trampolines for some jumping. Coach Pineapple is the best!

After that, it was time for open play. Cousin Arli, enjoying some tunnels.

Adalyn desperately needed to do the limbo at her party. Coach Pineapple made it happen. 

I think the birthday girl may have broken some limbo rules.

Top from the left: Presley, Ava, Sienna, Skyla
Bottom from the left: Killian, Sarah, Avery, Adalyn, Arli, Kinzie, Natalie

After all that running around, it was time for snacks, cupcakes and presents. 

She had a blast with her girlies doing gymnastics! 
It couldn't have been a more perfect 6th birthday party for her.

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