Saturday, March 11, 2017

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Oh, we've had our fair share of snow in the past few months here in the Pacific Northwest. In reality, we haven't had that much snow compared to other places, but for here, it's been a lot more then we've had in the past few years.

Our first snow hit in January. The kids could WAIT to get outside and play in it.

The kids had a great time playing with our neighbor, Lillie.
 I love that months can go by and they don't see each other and 
then a little snow and they are having a ball together

Our little sledding hill.

The last time it snowed, Adalyn didn't like sledding at all! 
This go around she couldn't get enough.

And her Big Brother accommodated her over and over again 
until her little hands could take the cold any more.

Shane spent 2 full hours out in the snow. Not coming in once. 
He made this sweet little snowman all on his own. 

And then it snowed again! And another day of school was missed and more time spent in the snow.

 We took Old Lady Sadie out into the snow. She loves romping in the white stuff!

Sheer Joy! 

 Stunt Man Shane!

And then it snowed again. And the kids didn't even ask to go outside. They just wanted to go to school. I finally kicked them out and they spent a little time out in it. It appears that by the time it snows 3 times here in 3 months snow isn't so exciting by the 3rd time it comes around! Pacific Northwest kids....they don't do snow repeatedly and the complain if the sun is to bright! 

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