Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Poppy The Hamster {RIP}

This morning we lost our sweet Poppy the hamster. We had recused Poppy in August from a family that was unable to keep her in their new rental house. I think she was about 8-10 months old when she came to us. Making her 1-1.5 years old when she past today. It was quite unexpected to have our furry little friend head to heaven so soon.Though we know with little creatures of this sort anything is possible at any time.  Adalyn feels a lot of relief knowing that "Poppy's soul is in heaven with Dodger now". Poppy, was Adalyn's pet. As Shane had taken in a Gerbil named Chewy earlier last year.

Poppy truly brought us a lot of joy and laughs. She enjoyed being held and snuggled (until she got wiggly and wanted to run). She rocked her little plastic ball and would run all around the house in it. We loved seeing her climb the side of the cage when she got excited for food. She was quite the runner on her wheel. Speedy thing! Every now and then we'd give her a tiny piece of banana. She'd sit and nibble on that piece of heaven so sweetly. The best Poppy trick of all was watching her shove food into her side mouth pockets. Man, could she fit an insane amount of food into those things at a very fast rate. Where did that baby carrot just go!?! Oh, Poppy just crammed into her mouth! I don't think any of us ever got tired of watching this magic trick she had.

Poppy in her original cage. After a month or so we were able to find her the cage of all hamster cages full of tunnels and two levels. She loved running up and down her tunnels.

Our time with Poppy was fast. I sadly never captured the pictures I would have liked or even got a video of her party tricks. Yes, she was a small little creature in this world, but the message remains the same. Treasure all the things you love in life. You just don't ever know what tomorrow will bring.

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