Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Week

We had a busy busy fun filled week. It may have contributed to the demise of Shane's 2nd nap.

Monday: We had a great play date at St. Edwards State Park. The playground there is awesome. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the wonderful sunny September weather. We even took a little hike on a trail. Shane walked 3/4 of the way all on his own. I thought for sure he'd take a 3 hour nap when we got home...nope...1.5 was all I got.

Tuesday: Our 1st day at MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers). This was Shane's 1st time in a nursery/day care setting with unknown people and location. It didn't go super well. I got paged once and as soon as he saw me he stopped crying and then he showed me around the room. I found a little buddy for him to share his grapes with and left. He did better after that. Most of the kids were crying....with time I'm sure he'll do better.

Wednesday: We took a trip to a local farm. They have toddler time 4 times a week that includes a tractor ride, picking a fruit/veggie in season, various animals and a craft. We picked green beans. The tractor ride started out great, but for some reason by the end of it he had crawled into my lap and was gripping my shirt very tightly.

Thursday: Shane had his 15-month check up. He weighs 20lbs 4ozs (5%) and is 30 3/4 (25%) inches tall. We made it just past the 20lb mark so we decided to flip his car seat forward facing. We were going to try for 22lbs, but the kid just wasn't having the rear facing any more. Life is A LOT more enjoyable in the car now! The doctor said he seems to be growing and developing nicely.

Friday: We headed to preschool where we did apple artwork, sang songs, and played in the rice center, water center and playdough. He did pretty good, besides that he had two shots the day before and wasn't feeling super great. We did have a huge screaming session during snack time, but once the bubbles came out all things were good again.

There is a reason I don't generally make our weeks this wears me out. Plus, he decided one nap for 1.5 a day was all he needed. But he did hit the sack every night around 6:45.

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Julie said...

Busy Jess and Shane = lonely Julie