Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Today was Shane's 1st day of preschool. We are doing a Preschool Co-op this year, so I get to go with him. It's once a week for 2 hours. He showed all of his true colors today. Here is a little run down of his first day.

1.The first toy he decides to play with is the only outdoor large motor push toy in the room...a great big green lawn mower. He did circles in the classroom running into adults, kids and furniture. So Shane!

2.After a good 10 minutes of the lawn mower I tried to direct him into a different center. We ended up in the pretend area where the doctor stuff was out. He grabs a 6 inch long syringe and uses it as a light saber. He gets into his light saber crouch and makes his light saber noises (all of which he has picked up from the neighborhood kids). Thankfully there were very few kids or adults around him at this point! Also SO Shane!

3.I then try and direct him into the art area (with the pretend light saber in hand). He liked the little kid chairs so he willingly sat down. I showed him how to stick some feathers, yarn and glitter onto some sticky paper. He then found some craft balls and proceeded to throw them across the table. Again...SOOOO Shane!

4.The next area we hit was the slide climber gym thing. But he didn't want to go down the slide. He just wanted to climb up and down the stairs and get in the way of all the kids trying to actually go down the slide. guessed it, Shane true and true.

5.There were two circle times and both he thought it would be much better to stand in the middle of the circle and watch everyone. The 2nd circle was fun enough to sit on my lap for half the time. During this time he waved non-stop to the teacher who was sitting on the other side of the circle from us. Guess he wants to be teachers pet?!

6.As we headed out the door I went to pick up his first preschool art ever and found out that someone had taken it be accident. I'm very very sad. But I'm sure we'll have plenty more art projects to bring home.

7.I was beat after preschool!! He ate some lunch after we got home and headed for a nap. I was sure he would sleep for a good 2-3 hours. He surprised me with just one nap today of a whole 1.5 hours. :(

Good thing I have a whole week to rest up before our next preschool day! I was also a terrible Mother and didn't take any pictures. There was no way I could manage him and our getting to know you activity along with the camera. Maybe in a few weeks I can manage the camera too!

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The Valentine's said...

That is too funny. That defiantly sounds like Shane and the light saber, how hilarious.