Monday, August 6, 2012

Camping Trip 2012 -- Lake Easton

A camping we will go! Shane has been asking for weeks "when are we going camping?!?" Finally the camping weekend arrived for our annual camping trip with three other families. We weren't able to join them last year, so we were super excited to get out there and camp with the gang.

The trip this year landed us up I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass at Lake Easton State Park.

As we got ourselves settled in the kiddos got acquainted with their surroundings. This little girl was filthy the whole weekend. Even after taking a bath at home, she still has dirt that refuses to leave her head.

Our new tent, the "green monster". 
Oh, how I love our new tent. 
More then I could even imagine possible. 
The space was awesome!!!

Playing in the dirt.

Eric and Lynette in their matching camping sweatshirts. 

More of the gang preparing breakfast. Eight adults and eight kiddos equals non stop fun. Our two children are the youngest which makes camping just a little bit more interesting. We long for the days of what seems like "childless" camping because they are off biking, running around and entertaining themselves.

Checking out the water at Lake Easton. It was COLD.
But that didn't keep the kids from having fun.

Making friends. Adalyn thinks that anyone playing near her means that they want to play with her too. She joined in and "helped" them with their sand project. The two girls soon got up and vacated the area. I guess they didn't like Adalyn's help.

Good thing there are always brothers willing to play with you.

It was pretty darn hot on Saturday...85+ degrees is hot when you are camping in the northwest. Baby girl taking a nap in the smouldering tent.

Kenny needed a nap as well.

Saturday afternoon we took a walk up to see the lake from above.

Fun times camping. This will be our only camping trip this summer. But I hope to get out at least twice next year. The kids really love it and even though it takes a lot of prep work and we all come home filthy and sleep deprived, the smiles and memories are all worth it.

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Fun! Would you recommend that camping spot? So close.