Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baseball {2013}

It is that time of year again....baseball season has started. Shane is on a coach pitch team this year. He could have done T-ball again or moved up. His coaches/team from last year were all moving up to coach pitch. We loved our coaches last year so felt it was very much a good idea to move on up with all of them, plus we felt Shane skill wise was ready for the next level, too.

His team this year is the Washington Nationals. Took a bit to get him to understand it wasn't "our" Washington and he was sad to not be the Dodgers or the Mariners.

Kenny hasn't been able to be as hands on in the games or practices because they have often been at times where he'll have Adalyn with him since I'm either working or at class. Shane has done well with that. He still will cry and whine and demand Kenny stand here or there, but overall he has continued to improve in his anxiety and separation area of his life.

Shane at bat. They have 5 pitches from the coach to try and hit. 
I think he gets a hit about half of the time.
I was worried he'd freak out when he got out, but so far he has been ok with that.

Walking back to the dug out after getting "out".

All the boys lined up in the dug out waiting to bat. 
Those coaches and Dad are awesome. 
Being around the team for just a few minutes drives me bonkers. 
I can safely say large amount of 5-7 year old boys 
aren't my general favorite type of kiddo to be around.

Catcher still is his favorite position this year.

Taking a swing and getting a hit! Woot-woot!

On a side note: this is Adalyn's "look". 
She likes to give this to you randomly, maybe to be funny, or when she doesn't like something. 
It seriously cracks me up. 
If you ask her to give "the look" she goes instantly to this face.

Adalyn has done great at the practices or games with Kenny. 
She has taken to a few of the other siblings from our team 
and will play with them or sit and watch with Kenny.

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Jessica Mitchell said...

I am so glad to read this, we are doing the same thing with Xalen this year, playing up to stay with the team. We start up first of May, I must say I am very excited!