Friday, April 5, 2013

Sleep Walker

Before Kenny and I go to bed we check in on the kiddos. On a handful of occasions we've found Adalyn laying on her floor sleeping. We never hear her move or call out over the monitor. It often is surprising to see her sound asleep on the floor. We've also found her asleep half hanging out of her bed. Like she started to get up and leave but couldn't make the full journey.

We've joked how she is going to be our sleep walker. A couple weeks ago she did come out of her room in the middle of the night. I woke up hearing her yell my name, thinking that is really loud. Oh, it was loud because she was in the hall way instead of her room. She was not really "awake" at all. She was very much out-of-it or in a dream like trance.

One night I walked in and found this: (note it was dark in her room and around 10pm)

 She was sound asleep in the corner of her room. 

 Her blanket made it a small distance, her bunny made it a little more...

Ah, we laughed. She woke up a few hours later and I snuggled her back into bed. The next morning we showed her the pictures. She thought it was really funny.

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Rita Ballard, C.Ht. said...

Funny how kids can just fall asleep anywhere! Even funnier - or not - that they can sleepwalk!