Thursday, July 25, 2013

Media, Journalism, Politics and The Zimmerman Case

My Husband is what I'm going to call a modern political activist. He spends time reading blogs and other sources out there on the internet regarding current events. He's been known to email senators and congress people letting them know how he stands on issues or his concerns. He is knowledgeable and educated on many topics. He learns facts and makes his own opinion from there.

We don't always see eye to eye on topics, but I know that he will provide me with the facts. Then from there we can discuss something.

The Zimmerman case has got him all spun up. I get daily reports on things that the media has said or new information that he has gained. I don't live under a rock (almost but not 100%), so yes, I've heard and know the basics about this case. The sad thing is though do I really know the "facts"?

Unfortunately, the media isn't providing us with the facts anymore on any current event/situation, human or political. Not just the Zimmerman case. Instead of telling us the facts, where we can then make our own opinions. Media is spinning a story, creating images and putting ideas in our heads.

Journalism is defined as: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.

Whoa People!!! Did you read that. I didn't make that stuff up. I took it straight from the dictionary. 

The media (radio, television, newspaper and magazines) are not journalists any more. They are story tellers. They aren't representing the facts! The media wants to make money, so if a story is created, that will sell. Facts don't always sell or make money. 

Kenny made me watch this video the other day. I'm not as passionate about the Zimmerman case as he is, but I wanted to be supportive so I watched it. 

I think we all should watch it. Not just because of the Zimmerman case. Because it touches on so many other things going on in our society that we need to step up and say "hey, this isn't okay". It's not okay our media sources aren't giving us facts, it isn't okay that our government spins tails out of false information. 

Give me stats, give me the facts. From there I'll draw my own conclusion. It might not be your conclusion or my neighbors conclusion, but at least we can use our own brains and decide on what we believe using facts. 

Watch this video and then make your own conclusion. Don't let the media make that conclusion for you. 

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