Sunday, September 29, 2013

Packing Up {New Carpet}

One of the many reasons I wanted to own a home was that I don't enjoy packing, moving and unpacking. I'm currently in the process of packing.....'cause we are getting new carpet.

I'm super excited about the leap into new carpet, yet terrified and annoyed all at the same time. We inherited roughly 12 year old carpet when we moved into the house and knew that getting it replaced was part of what we were buying into. We weren't too worried with two kids and two dogs, we figured they'd wear it out more and then we'd replace it. The plan was hopefully to make it until the dogs had passed and the kids were older and maybe less messy.

Three years into living in this house, making the carpet now 15 years old, I just couldn't take it any more. Carpet cleaning is such a quick and temporary fix that would set up back a couple hundred dollars for may be two weeks of "nicer" looking carpet.

It just was time. The leap is hurting the pocket book and it is stressing me out the logistics of packing things up and moving stuff into the garage and still living in the house. Yet the thought of beautiful soft and clean carpet does help a bit, until then I realize I'll have two dogs and two kids living on my expensive brand new carpet. ACK! Then the stress returns again.

The new carpet countdown begins. We are just about two weeks away from the big two day install. We are breaking the kiddos in with new carpet rules before the old stuff leaves the house. I took the vacuum in for a tune-up (more pre-carpet prep). The kids both had funny things to say to the vacuum lady:

Adalyn volunteers on her own: "No shoes on new carpet."

Shane then needs to have his own carpet comment: "I can't drink my milk on the new carpet."

The vacuum lady laughed, patted me on the arm and said "You must have the best Mom!"

We have the guest room all broken down and the carpet pulled up. Kenny and Shane found awesome "pebble" linoleum under the carpet.

The downstairs hallway and guest room as the carpet process moves along. I really don't like things out of place and the current half boxed up house just feels weird and off for me. 

Besides the upside of new carpet, we are taking this opportunity to purge, clean and regroup. We also are rethinking furniture placement and trying new ways to put everything back after the carpet arrives. I find that entertaining, so I continue to tell myself the positive and fun side to this packing up gig. In a few weeks life will be back to "normal".

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