Saturday, September 7, 2013

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

A few weeks ago Kenny and I were gifted a weekend

Thanks to Mema who came over to watch monsters 1 & 2. Papa even surprised everyone and joined in the fun for a bit as well. The kids had a blast being at the house with only Mema and Papa. Kenny and I had a blast being alone with out the kiddos.

We had just recently applied and received our passports in the mail, so we thought it only made sense to brake them in by crossing the border into Canada. It had been years and years since we had been up to visit that mighty fine land. White Rock (just barely across the border), has always held a special place in my heart. I hung out there a handful of times in college (heck, who wouldn't when the drinking age is 19 and it's not all that far from your campus). I had also taken Kenny there a long time ago, but we didn't get to see much because it was pouring down rain.

We had our fingers crossed the weather would treat us a bit differently this time around and it did just that.

It wasn't hot there by any means, but it didn't rain and that was all that really mattered. It was comfortable during the day and not to chilly at night. We spent a lot of time walking the beautiful sandy beach, exploring the cute down town area and even walked to the end of this mighty long pier.

We stayed up on the hill behind me in this picture at the Yellow Doors. Kenny found this sweet place and deal on VRBO. We had the bottom portion of a house all to ourselves. Two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, patio and a shared hot tub. It was the perfect place to escape.

The big white rock that White Rock is name after is behind us in this picture, plus a little glimpse at the beach.

There was a lot of train action right through White Rock. I kinda love watching a train go by.

The beach and pier. The tide would go out so far in the mornings, leave all kinds of fun areas to explore. The kids would have loved it. Next time, maybe we'll take them with us.

We spent a lot of time eating out at awesome restaurants with great views and food. There were so many great choices, but we ate at Washington Avenue Grill (great covered patio area and a fun funky vibe), Uli's Restaurant (tons of GF items and I had an amazing bread salad with lots of fresh seafood on it),and The Hemingway (great prices, yummy breakfast items all day long and the best nightlife!).

We've had a handful of times away with out kiddos. For some reason this one really rings loudly in my memory for totally relaxing and then the wham of coming home. How quick you go from doing what you want, when you want, and how you want, to I need this, get me this, help me now.

I do love our little ones and I do love our weekends away....looking forward to the next one already!

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