Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day In The Life

Adalyn turned 9 months today. I can't believe that puts us just 3 shorts months from her first birthday. Crazy!
Here is what a day in the life of Addie looks like at this point in her life.

6am: Wake up (this was super late for her. usually she is up between 5-5:45am). Daddy gets the morning shift for an hour or so while she plays. A top favorite still is the kitchen in Shane's room.
 7am: Breakfast. She LOVES her water. Last week I thought for sure she was even saying "wa-wa".
 For breakfast this morning she had a scrambled egg, kix, and applesauce.
7:30-9am Out of PJ's and into clothes for morning play time. Mommy thought she would give a dress another try. Nope. She can't crawl and move in them. As you can see she is super pissed off because she couldn't stand up quickly in the dress.
 Off with the dress. Ah, so much happier while she takes in some book time before her nap.
 9:15-10:30am: After we got the clothing situation figured out she was off to her morning nap. She slept for her typical 1 hour 10 minute morning nap. Today things were slightly later then normal since she "slept-in". Shane likes to be the first one to greet her when she wakes up. Addie just beams when she sees him.
 10:30am: Off to her 9 month well-baby appointment. Here she is sitting in the waiting room, checking everything out. She made it through her one shot and heel poke for an iron check. Addie is weighing in at 18lbs (25-50%) and 27 (50-75%)  inches long. Healthy and on track.
 12:15pm: Home for lunch. On the menu today was: garbanzo beans, rice noodles with butter and cheese, and warm apples with cinnamon on them. She is in the process of getting teeth #5 and #6. When she gets teeth she devours food.
 12:45pm: Play time after lunch before she heads into her 2nd nap of the day. Some water table fun. I just realized this week that she would be able to stand up and reach the water. She loves it!
 1:30-2:40pm: Nap #2. She normally sleeps a total of 2-3 hours of naps during the day. I just don't think she will ever be my sleeper.
 Visiting with Big Brother after nap time. She totally was trying to bite his hand here.

 1:45pm: Play time downstairs.
One of the many diaper/clothing changes during the day. About 75% of the time she HATES being changed right now. It is full on war with her to get her to lay still and get the diaper or clothes on or off of her. This shot was taken by Shane.
3:30pm: Off for a walk. I have yet to attempt two dogs and two kids. I rotate which dog I take with me. Today was Sadie's lucky day.
4pm: Back home for more play time before Daddy gets home. This is what the living room looks like by the end of the day.
4:15pm: Quick bottle check. Normally she takes a bottle most of the time before naps and bedtime. Sometimes though she just needs a quick drink here and there. Another shot by Mr. Shane.
5pm: Daddy is home!!! Best part of the day. Again, thanks Shane for your new found love of picture taking.
5pm: Dinner time for Adalyn (Today the boys were off at swimming lessons). This evening she had turkey, cheese and orange cherry tomatoes. She LOVED the tomatoes. When she is done eating generally she'll rub her eyes and head so much she gets food every where.
5:30pm: Naked Time! Her FAVORITE part of the day. Man, she loves being naked. It just makes her giggle and clap.
6pm: Bed time. All cuddled up with blanket and bunny. She didn't fall asleep tonight until 6:30pm. Which is late for her right now. We'll see how late she sleeps in, if at all?! With her teething and general poor sleeping she'll be up 5 times tonight most likely. Most will be just a "fix" where I have to give her bunny back and at least one will require food. Some day she'll sleep through the night, right!?!?!?!

UPDATE: She slept super well. Up at 8pm for a "fix". Up at 9:30pm for a poopy diaper (very weird) and a little bit of food. Up again at 2:40am for food. Then awake at 6am. That is amazing for this girl!!

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Kat said...

She is so cute! She seems to sleep like Griff used to...oh no... :) G loves taking pictures's so fun to see what they take pictures of!