Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Studio J Scrapbooking

I finished some Studio J pages last week. I was able to complete months 4-8 of Adalyn's baby book. Making me current again! I just love how Studio J keeps me on top of my scrapbooking!!

Here are my pages (click on the images to make them bigger).

4 Months
 5 Months
 6 Months
 7 Months
 More 7 Months
8 Months

If you are interested in trying Studio J out click here or let me know!


Cynthia said...

oh..I really love these pages.....nice work, Ick.

Julie said...

Looking great!

Haley D. said...

What a wonderful idea! Your layouts (and baby girl) are precious. Maybe I can finish my "baby's" first year this way. She's only 13!