Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. A few months ago I actually logged out of FB so that I couldn't just click the little button on the top of my computer every hour or so for a "quick" FB update. My computer turned into this magnet. The pull towards it to take a peek at FB was just too much for me. My few moments of down time or time I could accomplish something was being eaten up by checking in to see what all my "friends" were up to.

I can honestly say the first week or so of not looking at FB was torturous. I did sneak a peek here and there on my I-Pod. After a couple more weeks, checking into FB or putting up a status never even crossed my mind. I realized my habit had been completely broken when I was on vacation for a week with WiFi and I-Pod in hand. I didn't even think of checking FB with some down time I had until about day four!

I do miss it and now that I feel like I have gotten my FB habit under control I do check it every now and then. I miss seeing what my "friends" are up to. Who had a baby, who is pregnant, pictures of kids growing and just knowing a little bit more about what every one is doing on a daily basis. When you don't get to interact with adults during the day, seeing what others are doing out there is certainly nice. On the flip side though my feelings have been hurt more then once when I may feel left out when I see what others are doing or by a comment posted by someone.

Facebook has been a blessing in some ways and a curse in others. I love keeping in touch with friends that over time I would have lost touch with. But in other ways it doesn't make up for the true human contact of a friendship. It makes it easier to stay in touch with people a far, but most days I would pick to just have a friend right here in person to talk to and hang out with.

What are your thoughts on Facebook??

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Jessica M. said...

Very well stated, i love leaving the Internet behind on vacation!