Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 Months

This funny little girl turned 15 months old recently. 

She is an independent, snuggly, happy, smart, busy, adorable little person. Who still IS NOT sleeping through the night. She is also a milk addict, just like her Big Brother. Though she may be worse, who knew that would be possible.

Since getting sick almost 2 weeks ago she just won't eat. Miss Adalyn is completely happy surviving on milk. That milk also HAS to come from a bottle. Water may come from a cup of any kind, but milk is only drank from a bottle. We could just take away the milk, thus the bottle, too. But at this point milk, bottle, bunny and blanket are all needed to make this girl sleep.

Just recently I have been able to put her in hair in a pony tail to the side. I use to only be able to use barrettes, but now I can pretty much only get away with a rubber band. We are both getting the hang of the "pony tail". She won't pull it out until the end of the day when she is ornery and tired.

She follows directions amazingly. It blows us away what she understands. You can ask her to go get something and she will, or to take something to someone and she will. If you tell her that we are about to do she'll head in the direction of that activity (kitchen, downstairs, bedroom, bathroom, etc). She even helps to clean up on her own terms of course.

Her only word is pretty much "hi", but as of yesterday she walked around say "mama" all day (not to me directly though) and I think I even heard "mil" for milk twice yesterday as well.

Adalyn is weighing in at 21 pounds dropping her down to the 25%. It's hard to grow when you just want to live off milk. Her milk amounts are very controlled and even "scheduled" around naps and bedtime. It's just been 2-3 weeks of this non-eating stuff. Funny that lots of these pictures are of her eating, they were taken before the food strike started.  The Doctor said last week at her well-baby check up that this is all normal and that she is doing great.

She LOVES her brother. What he does she must do. Monkey See, Monkey Do is often the theme at our house all day long. Except it works both ways...Shane copies her just as much as she copies him. Adalyn eggs Shane on and gets him all wired up. She wants him to chase her up and down the hallway or wrestle with her. She is one tough kiddo. She just picked up how to spin in circles from him yesterday.

Watching Addie with her bestie, Arli is hilarious.  One moment they are getting into trouble together or doing each others hair and the next moment they are fighting over a necklace. The ups and downs of a friendship as a toddler.

It is a zoo at our house most days. Watching Addie grow and the relationship between the two of them grow is fun, amazing and tiring all at the same time.

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