Friday, March 23, 2012

Conversations With Adalyn

Yesterday evening before Adalyn's bed time:

Me: Kenny, do you want me to give Adalyn's M-I-L-K to her.

Kenny: Nope, I don't think she is ready for it yet

Adalyn: Ahhh, Ahhhhhh!!!! (as she comes running into the kitchen where I am at)

Me: She doesn't know what I just said does she?? 

Adalyn: signing "milk" over and over again.

Me: (I hand it to her)

Kenny: Adalyn where is your M-I-L-K?

Adalyn: (She pulls it out of her mouth and shows it to him)

Me: Wow, guess she can spell now. Time to come up with a new code word for milk!

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Boyles Family Blog said...

So cute! You have a little prodigy on your hands. :)