Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall/Halloween Sensory Table

It was time to bring the water table inside and turn it into a sensory table for the cold upcoming months.

I had some straw I had tucked away, Kenny had kindly saved me some pumpkin seeds when he hollowed out our pumpkins plus some creepy black plastic spiders and voila....a fall/Halloween sensory table. I have some cute little pumpkins too, but they are currently hanging out at toddler group. But they would make a perfect addition as well.

I encourage them to keep the stuff inside the table, knowing that there will be a mess no matter what. I do ban complete on purpose pouring of the items out onto the floor though.

I also toss in some cups and things that encourage pouring and exploring with their imagine.

This specific sensory table won't probably make it past today. To much will be lost and the hay just may be giving me an allergy attack. Sometimes the sensory table items are good for a few days or couple weeks.

Shane (5 years old) actually has spent more time with it then my toddler, Adalyn (23 months old). Though he needs to work on sharing it more then anything.

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