Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We've had new carpet for one week now. We survived the task of packing up, tearing out and preparing for it to go in. As well as unpacking and moving back in.

Haight Carpet in Woodinville did the installation. The two guys worked super hard and did a great job, were friendly and polite. Kristina Haight helped me pick out the carpet. She was really helpful through the process. I would highly recommend them.

We continue to be amazed by how different the house feels with new carpet. Everything looks bigger, cleaner and feels warmer.

Here are a few shots from before and after:

Every thing torn out upstairs and sealer painted on to seal some stain areas on the sub-floor. 

The living room...
we managed to keep the TV and cable hooked up during the process which the torture much better. 

The dining room, the rest of the house was packed in the garage. 

 The night before the carpet arrived the kids slept in their rooms like this. 

Luckily, Mema and Papa kept them until late afternoon, 
so when they arrived home they ate dinner, ran around a bit and went straight to bed. 

Sadie (on the left) was super stressed out the whole weekend while we tore the carpet out. 
She gets really worried when the routine gets changed. 
They were quite challenging to work around since they wouldn't leave our sight.
When we finally got our bed back in for the night they jumped up instantly and got comfortable.

 I of course didn't get a good before picture, but this is the 15 year old carpet before....

 and after with brand new carpet!
Pictures really don't do the before and after justice.

 The carpet multi-color, with browns, grays and creams.
Maybe not something you'd find in million dollar mansions, 
but for this house in the rainy Pacific Northwest, 
with two dogs and two kids, it is perfect.

 It may just be carpet, but it sure makes me happy.

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