Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Spider Crafts

I've got a couple easy, fun and cute Halloween crafts to share with you.

This first one we made at the pumpkin carving party we were at this past weekend. All the props and prep go to Alyssa for this one.

 This cup spider is hanging from our kitchen ceiling. He was quick to me and is a great decoration to put up in your house.

*black cup
*4 black pipe cleaners
*hole punch
*goggly eyes

How to Make Them:
1. Punch 4 holes on each side of the cup and one on the top of the cup
2. Attach eyes to cup
3. Put pipe cleaners through holes (we did ours in random order...not just straight across)
5. Take the twine and tie it around the middle of the pipe cleaners and then string it up through the top.
6. Finish him off by messy up his legs to make him all spidery. Love them!!

The 2nd spider craft, I'll be making with Shane's kindergarten class tomorrow for their harvest (aka Halloween) party.

*Small paper plates (gray, silver or black)
*White yarn
*Hole punch
*Spider stickers or cut outs

How to Make Them:
1. Punch 5-6 holes around the edges of the plate.
2. Cut a piece of yarn (about 24 inches give or take).
3. Tape one end of the yarn at the bottom of the plate, then string it through the holes.
4. Place spider in the web (I have just enough stickers for the whole class so my example is missing the spider).

This is great way to work on fine motor skills with kids and not messy at all.

Happy Halloween crafting!

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