Sunday, January 5, 2014

Conversations With Shane

Recently Shane and I helped put Christmas decorations away at church. We were smack dab in the middle of Christmas vacation and Shane needed to get out of the house.

We were put on vacuuming up fake snow duty. Shane was over the moon happy to help. He gets more centered and balanced. The whiny and complaining stops. His sister wasn't around so there was no one to fight with. He was finally happy for awhile and did it ever feel good for both of us!

After our hour or so of vacuuming our duties were completed. All other tasks were completed and our help wan't needed any more. Shane literally begged me to stay and help more.

Shane: Mommy, lets go find Pastor Molly and see what else we can do to help.

(as we put the vacuum away in the storage closet)

Me: Ah, buddy, there just isn't any more to do. Everything is all done.

Shane: Can we vacuum in here? As he looks at the floor in the storage room, desperate to find another way to help.

As we exited the church and drove home we had the most amazing conversation.

Shane: I want to be a Pastor when I grow up.

Me: Oh, how come?

Shane: Because church is a place that helps people and I want to help people.

Me: Do you want to be a Pastor to kids or adults. Like Pastor Marcie or Pastor DJ?

Shane: For both because I want to help them and teach classes.

after a bit of silence...

Shane: We are lucky because we have food and clothes and a house and a car. Not all people have those things.

Me: Yes, we are very lucky and that is true not all people have those things.

Shane: We don't have to have all those things though. Love is the most important thing to have.

Me: Yes. I like to think that God is love, so the most important thing to have is God which gives us love for everyone and everything.

Shane: Love and God are first and then you need food and friends and family. The rest we don't need though. We don't have to have toys or a car.

Me: Yes, that is very true. Having toys and cars are extra. Things that we don't have to have in life.

He continued to ponder what things we have and need or don't need and what is the most important items to have.

This conversation will ring in my heart and mind forever. Shane, who drives me bonkers on a daily bases with his challenging/spirited self, has the kindest of hearts and a deep need to help and serve. I pray that we can continue to spark and grow that in him. 

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