Friday, January 17, 2014

Vaccinations {Immunity Community}

I've been a Parent Advocate for a non-profit organization called Immunity Community for about 4 months now. I've enjoyed learning that so many parents out there are vaccinating their children and that vaccination really is the "norm". I've also really enjoyed learning more about the world of vaccinations and becoming more and more comfortable with my decision to vaccinate my children.

What I'm discovering is that the risk to vaccinate is like so many other risks we take in life. When we get into a car we are risking the chance of an accident that could be fatal or harm our children. When we go out into public, grocery stores, on play dates, we are taking a risk that our children may contract germs, getting a cold or a stomach virus. When I allow my child to go to school, I'm risking that they may get bullied. When I let me children play sports I'm taking a risk that they could get harmed or break a bone.

There are risks in everything we do in life.

I understand that vaccinations are scary and overwhelming. I very much remember the feeling of being pregnant with Shane and trying to research and understand the world of vaccinations. I was terrified of Autism and having a son made me even more scared of the statistics. Who do I trust? What information is correct?

I knew deep down that vaccinations were important. That they have saved generations of lives and pain and suffering that so many went through before us. That they keep us healthy from illnesses that I certainly don't want to see my love ones go through.

Yes, there is a risk to vaccinations. I do believe that there is a small population that for genetic reasons react differently to vaccinations then others, but research after research has conclusively shone that vaccinations are not connected to Autism.

Yes, risks are scary. Yet, every day when you walk out the front door there are risks being thrown at you left and right.

I recently read this article about a pregnant Mom that lost her baby after getting sick with the flu. What a heartbreaking and maddening story. With a simple flu shot that family would have not lost their baby. The heartache they will have forever over a preventable illness. What a tragedy. 

What risks are you willing to put your family through?


~Bekah said...

I have several friends who DO NOT vaccinate their kids and it deeply bothers, saddens, and worries me. There is so much we prevent by vaccinating and I am not willing to chance shelby and our soon-to-be baby boy catching a disease/illness I could have prevented by a simple vaccination. Thank you for sharing this. I will be adding the graphic to my blog with a link to this post :)

~Bekah said...

Oh wait! LOL I don't live in the North West. LOL.. never mind.. i won't be adding the graphic or link but know i'm with ya! :) hahaha