Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation

Two days left of Shane's kindergarten school year. Wasn't it just yesterday that he had his first day? That kid has rocked kindergarten. We are so proud of him. It's truly hard to even explain how far he has come in the past 12 months. It was right around this time last year we were enrolling him in an anxiety program called Coping Cats.

 Shane and Mrs. Fornia.

Sixteen weeks later and the arrival of his first few weeks in kindergarten we knew that Shane had developed some awesome new coping skills. His anxiety of new places, transitions and loud groups has slipped away. He can now do an amazing long list of things that we weren't sure a year ago he would be able to accomplish.

Things like being dropped off at school in the car line, going on play dates with out me, riding home on the school bus to a friends house, going to the zoo with a friend and his Mom with out me around, and happily playing at recess. He even survived one day when I was the last one to pick him up from school. He looked at me with big eyes, standing next to his teacher, and said "I knew you were coming. I wasn't worried at all." He has accomplished these things and more.

He wants to be at school the minute he can be in the morning. He wants to play "recess" before school starts. He wants to play soccer with the "big kids". He has soared in math this year. It comes very natural to him and he enjoys it. His teacher, Mrs Fornia, has helped him grow his artist skills above and beyond imaginable. He has made fantastic friendships and easily transitions from group to group and friend to friend with out any issues. Oh and he can read, too. Man, what a year this has been!

This morning we attended his kindergarten graduation. I was asked a couple times if I needed a kleenex or would be teary eyed. Nope, not this Mama. I was so excited to see this day come and I'm even more excited to see my little man grow and learn in his next adventure of 1st grade.

 "Class of 2026 -- A future Vet"

Here are a few videos from the mornings events:

The kids were all asked what they learned in kindergarten this year, Shane answer:
"Don't be afraid of math, math is fun."

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