Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shane Turns 7

Our little man had a birthday earlier this month. It was a Skylander themed party. If you've never heard of Skylander's before you probably don't have an elementary school boy in your house. He picked this "love" up from his fellow classmates. He really had no idea what Skylanders were all about when he requested it, but we ran with it anyways. At one point I'm pretty sure I was better versed in the whole thing more then he was.

He invited 7 friends. Which is a good number for him, because he still gets a little overwhelmed with large loud groups. The weather was fantastic, since I had played all of the games to be outside.

There are 8 elements in the world of Skylanders. The kids played 8 games each themed by an element. 

The first game they played was from the tech element. We had "gold" coins hiding in the backyard. Each kiddo needed to find 6 coins. After each game they got to get their "passports" punched.

The second game they played (I forgot to get pictures of) was for the element of wind. They tossed water balloons down from the deck into a big bucket. They had 3 attempts and there was lots of laughing.

Next up was the water element. They had water soakers that they used to knock over the cans on the stump.

Then the life element was up. They each had a balloon that they had to pop with their bottoms. Each game was so funny to watch them. They were excited about all of it.

Next up was the earth element where there were plastic bugs frozen that they had to smash out and rescue them.

Then we had the element of fire. Where they took "fireballs" and tossed them through the circle of fire.

Adalyn even had a go at each game.

This game was using the element of undead. Each boy had a balloon tied to their leg and they had to keep it from getting popped by the other kiddos. Everyone kept theirs alive, except poor Adalyn who got hers popped instantly. She was so upset and still talks about how her balloon got popped.

I thought I had saved the best game for last with the element of magic. I had diet coke and mentos and the idea is that when you put the mentos in the coke it makes a big fountain of fizz. Sadly, I had purchased small containers of coke and they didn't fizz very much.

 We followed the games with with some snacks and cupcakes. Shane requested chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and a cherry on top.

I let Shane pick the menu for the party.  He requested raspberries, cherries, provolone and cheddar cheese, salami, ritz crackers and graham crackers with frosting. I didn't deny his gluten ridden menu either.

There were lots of smiles, potty talk and laughing. 


And a little sister just taking it all in. 

We finished with some gift opening. Followed by utter madness in the backyard. Thank goodness the parents started to arrive. Two hours with 7 boys was perfect timing.

This was the last picture I got before my camera decided to call it quit after 6.5 years (from left to right): Kristopher, Cole, Collin, Callum, Carver, Shane, Ryan and Landon. Truly a bunch of sweet boys.


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Kristen said...

Cole still talks about the party! He says it was the best birthday party EVER! :) Shane is such a lovely boy. We are so glad he was in Cole's class!