Monday, August 9, 2010

Everett AquaSox Game

Yesterday afternoon we took Shane to a Single-A Everett AquaSox baseball game. It was super low-key which was an advantage when you have a wiggly 3-year old who wants to move around and play more then watch the game. He fell completely in love with the two mascots: Webbly the frog and Frank the hot dog. Both who hung out in the area we were sitting in for quite awhile. Giving Shane the chance to say hi to each of them many, many, many times.

We left in the middle of the 7th inning with the AquaSox's winning 13 to 1 against the Boise Hawks. There were at least 4 home-runs hit during the game.

Here is a picture of Shane, Kenny and Webbly. You can see how fascinated Shane was by the super creepy looking frog.

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laurie said...

That's so funny-- we almost went to the game on Sunday! Glad you had fun :)