Saturday, August 21, 2010


Shane and I made our weekly trip to the grocery store on Tuesday. He has had a really tough time at the store lately, so much I pretty much refused to take him with me, but I thought I'd give him another try. He had earned the privilege of riding in the car cart on this trip. He was super well behaved the whole time and stayed in the car portion of the cart and didn't ask for anything besides the cookie from the bakery he gets most of the time.

As we got out to the car I bend down to tell him how awesome he did in the store and that he can ride in the car cart again next time we go. He wouldn't look at me and was acting a little funny, but I just thought it was because he knew he had done a good job. I got the groceries into the car and had asked Shane to get out of the cart but he refused. I finally pulled him out of the cart to find a piece of candy under his bottom that he had been sitting on.

Ahhhh.....this is why he was acting funny, I had a little shoplifter on my hands. I could tell he knew he had done something wrong, but I'm not totally sure if he just thought he was wrong because he hadn't asked me for it, or because he had taken it. I told him that was stealing and he said "bad guys do that?". More proof to me he really knew he was in the wrong. We walked it back into the store and placed it back on the shelf. He was pretty darn embarrassed, because he won't look or talk to me and told me he wanted to sleep on the way home (ya, right, he never sleeps in the car!).

I was a little taken by this happening at just barely 3 years of age and hope this incident stops any others from happening in the future. I know those check out lines are rough with all that fun looking candy right at his eye level, but I don't think I would have ever thought he would be sneaky enough to just take one.

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