Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warped Tour 2010 -- Gorge, WA

Shane spent last weekend in Sequim while Kenny and I spent the day at Warped Tour listening to some of Kenny's favorite bands play. My main goal of the day was to stay cool, which turned out to be pretty easy. It was a hot day probably close to 100 degrees.

While I was sitting under a tree in the shade (along with tons of other people) and Kenny was off listening to a group I didn't want to make the walk over to hear, I had a little tree frog land on my foot. He kept trying to head for the busy sidewalk behind me and I kept trying to get him to go the other way. Eventually he made his way down the row of people who I let know a frog was on the loose and we all attempted to keep him off the sidewalk. Finally, a women came by in the grass and stepped on him, but rumor was he made it out from under her foot okay.

Anyways, back to Warped Tour. There were 8 stages and a gazillion bands playing. We were very selective in the groups we took the time out to go watch. Besides the fact that we hadn't heard of 90% of them. The highlight for me was seeing Everclear play. They were the last group we saw and standing just 15 feet from the side of the stage with such a small crowd around us was super cool. The bands only played in 30 minute sets, so we got to get all the best hits from all of them which made it ever more fun to be in the crowd.

I'm also pretty sure I was the only pregnant person there, but was happy to see others that were older then me. We were surprised by the amount of families with their kids there (from 6 months on up). Both of us agreed 100% we wanted nothing to do with bringing Shane with us at this point in time.

Everclear's lead singer Art Alexakis
Kenny's favorite group of all time is Face to Face: lead singer Trevor Keith
Taking a break in the shade enjoying the beautiful view of the Columbia River Gorge.
Proof of the belly attending Warped Tour 2010.

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