Monday, November 21, 2011

Do You Know?

We played a game called "All About Adalyn" this weekend at her 1st birthday party. I "stole" the idea from Arli's birthday party that we went to a couple weeks ago. These are the questions our guests answered. Even if you didn't know the answers it was fun to learn about Miss. Adalyn.

All About Adalyn

  1. What is Adalyn’s birth date? (11/18/10)

  1. What did she weigh at birth? (7lbs 11ozs)

  1. What are her top CURRENT 5 favorite foods?(strawberries, eggs, apples, peas and olives)

  1. Who saw her take her first steps? (Mema)

  1. Where were Kenny, Jessica and Shane when she took these steps? (Hawaii)

  1. How many teeth does she currently have? (9)

  1. What was she for Halloween this year? (Fairy)

  1. Who do we visit on our daily walks? (Lucky the Goat)

  1. Name one of her MANY nicknames. (Addie, Pumpkin, Battie Boo, Baby, 'umpkins)

   10. Who does the A-Team consist of? (Arli and Adalyn + Sidekick Shane)

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Julie said...

I won!!! Woo hooo!!!! :P