Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turkey Crazy

I think we are a little turkey crazy over here. There seem to be turkey projects coming out of our ears.

There is a fun turkey sandwich all over the crafty/mommy blogs that I've seen over and over again. It seemed like a quick and easy thing I could do for Shane at lunch time. There is a huge trend in crafting cool images with food these days. I haven't jumped on that band wagon just because I don't want to spend even more time making Shane food that he turns his nose up at.

BUT after our experience yesterday afternoon I may be rethinking that thought!!

I made his sandwich into a turkey. Ok...so the other turkey sandwiches out there look a little more turkey like. I am new to this whole food image thing.
His face light up when he saw Mr. Turkey Sandwich. He instantly started eating his feathers. (NOTE: peppers are one of the few veggies he does currently eat and he loves olives). Within a minute of eating his lunch he said "Can you make me this again tomorrow!?".  This is huge for my none eating child. He would prefer to play then sit down to eat. He plain isn't interested in most food right now. For him to sit down and eat EVERY bite of this lunch is HUGE. His plate was 100% empty after lunch.

I may just be making more lunch images after this very successful lunch.

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Cynthia said...

you are such a wonderful, creative,smart and sweet MUM