Monday, August 5, 2013

A Day In Our Life

Sunday, August 4th

9am: Trip to St. Edwards State Park (No fee day in State Parks yesterday, we took advantage of that by going to the state park just a few minutes from our house).

We played at the fun castle park there and took a hike where we found 36 slugs and 3 snails.

11am: We returned home for lunch and nap time for Adalyn.

Nap Time (11:30-12:45): I ran a quick errand, Shane played and we worked on a few things around the house. Shane rode his scooter while I took Dodger for a walk.

1pm: Kids played out in the cul-de-sac with some neighborhood friends.

1:45pm: Off to the O.O. Denny Park for water time in Lake Washington. We took Sadie with us so she could hang out in the water, too.

3pm: We returned home with wet kids and a wet dog. Shane headed to quiet time with a snack and Adalyn and I snuggled on the couch with a snack and some TV while Kenny ran.

4:15: I asked Kenny to do the dinner duties and he decided we should go to McDonald's. We ate and the kids played.

5:30: Back home where the kids played in the back yard with Kenny.

6:15: We came inside to clean up, have a snack and get ready for bed time.

7:15: Adalyn went to bed.

7:30: Shane hit the hay.

We kept those kids moving. If we don't they turn into little tornadoes in the house. Is that normal?!?! Do your kids do that? I asked Kenny at some point in the day, why aren't they tired yet? We both were. Adalyn did hit the wall around 6:30 and both kids had no problem heading to bed.

It amazes me the energy they have and the non-stop moving and talking they do.

I'm also happy to say both dogs got in on the action of the day.

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