Thursday, August 29, 2013

Potty Training

I'm pretty excited to announce that Adalyn is potty trained!

We had been telling her soon we would be taking her diapers away (except at nap and night time). She had been wearing underwear during the morning time before we headed out of the house and was being very successful with that.

I just needed to do it...just jump more diapers. I knew it was time, she was ready. I really wasn't.

Monday morning came and we weren't going any where, so I just never put a diaper back on her. She asked a couple times for her diapers. I so wanted to give in and put them on her, but she was doing great. She had 3 accidents on Monday, but successfully went over 10 times in the potty. A pretty darn good day 1 I'd say.

Tuesday morning we were back at it. Along with a planned trip to a park that was 30 minutes away from us. We practiced going potty before we get in the car and I brought her potty along with us, too. I explained to her that she CAN NOT pee in her car seat! She rocked it! No accidents out or that whole morning. She did have 2 that afternoon, one after nap and one outside.

Wednesday morning it was coming quite apparent that she would go potty when she wanted to go. Don't ask her if she needs to go or if she should go try. When she went was all up to her and with very few accidents I went with it. She went to a friends house while I attended Kindergarten orientation. No accidents! We spent 2 hours at the elementary school for a meet and greet that afternoon...No accidents! She went all day Wednesday with no accidents.

She hadn't pooped yet though. Finally, Wednesday she did. Phew! Successes all around.

We are super proud of her. I think this shows when the kiddo is ready, potty training isn't very hard. Just a new thing to get use to for all involved. 

We think it will be awhile before she is out of diapers at sleeping times. She still drinks lots of water before falling asleep. Since it took her 2.5 years to sleep mostly through the night. I'm not willing to change that routine as of now.

I've been trying to get a picture of her on the potty, but she won't let me.

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