Friday, August 2, 2013

Christmas In July Workshop {Advent Calendar}

Last week (while it was still July) I held a Christmas in July workshop and we worked on these awesome Advent Calendars.

It was the "biggest" workshop to date that I've held in the sense of time it took to complete. The ladies were super patience in their many tasks that they needed to work on and folding all 25 boxes.

I also put together 5 kits for others to take home and work on their own. You can say I've been up to my ears in Advent Calendar prep work the last week.

I'm super happy with the completed project and even more happy that I got it done in July, 'cause by the time the holidays roll around I know I won't have enough time to do this for sure. Now it will be sitting and waiting for me and the kiddos come December 1st!

If you live in the Greater Seattle area and would like information on my Close To My Heart workshops drop me an email (click on the little icon up on the right hand corner of this page).

A big thanks to Lalia over at Crafty Lalia for her inspiration and tips along the way.

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