Monday, August 12, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Shane completed his yearly swimming session this past week. He has struggled in his previous lessons. When you refuse to get your face wet, it's hard to progress in the area of learning how to swim.

That kid made some major progress this time around! He didn't pass Youth Level I, but he did a bob!! It was a miracle, he stuck his face in the water, more then once! He bobbed and actually repeated it over and over again on multiple days.

Getting the goggles on. 

Teacher Kelsey. He really liked her. 

Kicking on the wall. 

He can't keep his face in the water, kick and move his arms all at the same time....

He does love being in the water though. 

 The jump at the end of class. He refused to jump. He just sorta slides himself in.
That kid.

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