Friday, December 31, 2010

1 Month Well Baby Visit

Adalyn had her 1 month well baby visit this morning (about 2 weeks late...but that is how the Dr's office scheduled it). She is weighing in at 9 pounds 15.5 ounces. My little girl is a half of an ounce short of 10 pounds!! She grew half an inch making her now 21.5 inches long. For both weight and height she is in the 50-75%. The doctor said she is doing "social" things like cooing and smiling at the development of a 2 month old. My little social butterfly already.

We've noticed that we have been having some issues with her sleeping. It seems to be hit or miss with her if she sleeps a lot or not at all. We discussed it with the Doctor who gave us a great refresher course on being overtired. Which we dealt a lot with when Shane was a baby. We'll be working on getting her back to sleep before she gets tired and keeping her asleep in the Moby, swing or holding her. We also got her a different kind of pacifier which I think will help a lot. She has been wanting to suck on the bottle to soothe herself to sleep, but then she gets milk and chokes on it which just doesn't work. The new pacifier has a tip like a bottle nipple which should make her a lot happier.

She also had her first shot as well and cried so much. Shane never cried with shots when he was little, which made it so much easier and made me very unprepared for her to be so upset. Watching her little face scrunch up while tears came rolling out of her eyes was hard to take.

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