Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Weeks Old

We've survived the first two weeks! Adalyn is doing well...eating and sleeping. She'll go 3-4 hour stretches of sleeping and is close to eating 2 ounces at a feeding. She loves the Moby Wrap and just about instantly falls sleep when I put her in it. That is a huge help since it frees up my hands to do other things around the house. She is starting to grab things which is fun when she gets a gripe on your finger, her blanket or the bottle.

Our eldest is having a rough time behavior wise. He is plain just not getting enough sleep which makes his behavior even more difficult to deal with. He is great with Adalyn. Very sweet, loving, interested in what she is doing, has expressed interest in wanting to play with her and helpful. It's is all the other daily stuff that has been hard with him. We hope to get things ironed out soon!!


Julie said...

Is that VERY red hair I see? OMG...can't wait to snuggle her today!!

Lynette said...

She is adorable! Can't wait to meet her!