Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

We are back home after our first trip via airplane with two kiddos. All and all the flying aspect of the trip was uneventful. Adalyn slept or ate during most of it and Shane wiggled around, but was generally a trooper.

Where did we go you ask? Why Reno of course. We spent Christmas this year with Kenny's family. All 13 of us!!! 5 kiddos (including 2 infants) and 8 adults. Shane had an absolute blast playing with his cousins Carolyn and Meredith. We loved meeting little Grant. Adalyn enjoyed a couple "play" sessions with Grant as well.

Christmas never really felt like Christmas to me this year. Which was really tough because I LOVE Christmas time. I think we can blame Adalyn for this mostly. Being so focused on her and getting prepared to be out-of-town twice with an infant sorta sucked up all my energy instead of being in the Christmas mood. I am already looking forward to next year where we'll be celebrating Christmas at home and it won't be with an infant. Amazing to think that she'll be one next Christmas. I know that will be here sooner then I can even imagine.

Our first family picture as four.
Carolyn, Adalyn, Shane, Grant and Meredith = The Cousins
Joe and Jeni with all the Grandchildren.
All 13 of us and all looking at the camera!!
Christmas Day -- Where there were a lot of presents and a lot of excitement from these 3. Cookie bribes were needed to get them to hold still for any pictures taken.
Grant and Adalyn playing. They would look at each other, reach out and touch hands and coo to each other. Super sweet. Grant is two months older then Adalyn.
Christmas morning opening up stockings and gifts from Santa.
Traveling is tough on everyone.
One of the many activities (listening to books on tape) the 3 cousins did together. Shane was Carolyn's little shadow. Whatever she did he did. Meredith joined in when she wanted to or could handle the craziness of Carolyn and Shane.
Proud eldest cousin Carolyn holding little Adalyn. I think Adalyn is checking out Carolyn's hair wondering if hers is going to look like that?!

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