Friday, December 31, 2010


When we were trying to find a name for our little girl we kinda started backwards: with her nickname first. I really liked the nickname Addie/Ady. We didn't want to use the name Addison because we felt it was to popular and wanted something more unique. From there we stumbled upon Adalyn. All along we knew that we would use her nickname of Addie/Ady. And as she got older it would be up to her when or if she wanted to use it more often or not at all.

Now the debut it how do we spell it?!? Kenny wants Addie because he thinks people will know how to say it correctly. I like Ady because all the letters come from her name. So far when we've polled friends and family it has been split down the middle for both.

Wanna weigh in? Leave a comment on which way you like best and why.


Cynthia said...

with an Angel like this can't go wrong....I think I like seems to look right...But I don't did like Ady...But most of all I LOVE Adalyn..

Julie said...

I like Addie. I think Ady could be taken as "A.D". They are both pretty :)

Tia said...

Ady, but thats just me. I see Julies point too. At least its not like Xela, I mean who does that to a kid!!! LOL!