Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rice Cereal

Last week on Addie's 5 month birthday I decided to start her on rice cereal. Back in the day when Shane was a baby the norm was at 6 months to start with solids. Now there seems to be varying thoughts on the solid food start point: 4 months or 6 months. The 4 month group says start early to avoid allergies and the 6 month group says start later to avoid allergies.  Like so many issues with babies there just isn't a straight forward answer. Since Little A is still not even close to sleeping through the night and some say rice cereal helps with sleeping through the night (though others say it doesn't....another clear as mud topic). I decided to split the difference and go with rice cereal at 5 months and stick to only rice cereal the whole month. I won't introduce anything new until after she turns 6 months old. She'll also be on a gluten free diet until at least 18 months as well. Just a little extra precaution I took with Shane. It is so easy to do at their age, I don't see any reason to not just keep it out of  her diet for as long as I can.

Adalyn and her first attempt at rice cereal.

Day 1:
AM feeding -- Little A isn't so in love with the cereal part, but thinks the spoon is awesome to chew on. Man the faces she made!

Day 2:
AM feeding -- Still making the faces and attempting to eat the spoon instead.
PM feeding -- No more faces, not interested in the spoon, now onto the bib. Mmmm....bib appears to taste better then rice cereal. At least she wants that in her mouth.

Day 3
AM feeding -- Some chewing like motions were made, but not sure much if at all was swallowed.
PM feeding -- Loving the bowl now...must try and grab the bowl.

Day 4
AM feeding -- The faces have stopped. But the love with the spoon continues. Still a large lack of interest in the actual rice cereal.
PM feeding -- More fun with the spoon.

Day 5
AM feeding -- Continued lack of interest. I mentioned to Kenny I think we should take a few days off.
PM feeding -- With Mema and Papa as witnesses, she "chewed" and swallowed her first few bites of rice cereal. The texture caught her off guard and made her cough some even, so I know some was going down.

Day 6
AM feeding -- Kenny said she was not interested much again.
PM feeding -- She seemed to not mind it and may have actually swallowed some. Guess we'll keep plowing along. We seem to be making slow progress in the interest area.

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