Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree you were decorated twice this year.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree you really weren't the problem.

What are you talking about you ask?! Our Christmas tree has been through a lot this year and I am hoping he can hold it together and make it until Christmas for us.

He joined our family on Sunday, November 26th. He was adorned with lights and decoration that very same day. Shane started to get horse and sick that day as well. By Wednesday Shane was coughing and not feeling good at all. We decided he was allergic to the Christmas tree (we had had this issue before a couple years ago, so the timing made sense to us).

We undecorated the tree and stuck him outside hoping that we could come up with a solution and be able to bring him back in. Kenny washed the tree off and then applied a vegetable wash to him (after doing research online about mold/Christmas trees/allergies). He came back in to rejoin the family a week later. Five days later he is FINALLY completely decorated AGAIN.

During this past week Shane got better and Adalyn got worse. She was (and still is) working on 3 molars and she is the worst teether ever. Her symptoms seemed to point to teething. She started to get horse....weird that was what Shane did, too. It can't be the Christmas tree now, right?!?! We were SO confused. She started coughing and Wednesday night she did not sleep well at all. She appeared to be waking up and not breathing well.

I heard her cough Thursday sounded like a barking seal. I ran to the computer searching Croup. I quickly realized that she just might have Croup. That afternoon I took her to the Doctor. Yep, Croup it is. Where did she get it from?? Her Big Brother, who also had Croup and WAS NOT allergic to the Christmas tree.

The Doctor gave her a liquid dose of steroids because she most likely had one more bad night to go through the cycle of Croup. She slept quite well Thursday night and woke up sounding and breathing a lot better. She is quite behind on sleep and is still pretty crabby but she is on the mend.

What a couple interesting weeks we've had. I hope that things will settle back to "normal" for the rest of the holiday season.

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Breena said...

Awe... so sorry to hear about all the tree trouble! I hope she will be better soon. (Thanks for linking up at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!)


Andrea said...

Goodness! What a start to your Christmas season! Hope you everyone is healthy soon!
Andrea @