Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Speech Update

Shane started receiving speech services in February of 2010. When he turned 3 in June of that year he was transferred from the non-profit organization we were working with to the local public school system.

This first video was taken in September of 2010 when he started with his speech teacher at an elementary school near our house.

This video was taken in May of 2011 when he ended that school year with Ms. Amber, who was also leaving the school district and moving to San Fransisco. I took that opportunity to request that Shane see the speech teacher at our neighborhood elementary school. Our request was granted!!! Which meant that we could walk to speech instead of a driving 20 minutes to and from speech.

He made huge improvements during his year with Ms. Amber and continues to make more now this school year with Ms. Dana. I took this video of him "reading" Snowman, Snowman What Do You See. We made this book together and he was so proud of himself while "reading" it. It is also a great example of how far he has come in his speech over the last almost 2 years.

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Katie said...

Jessica you made my month with that video! First, that any kid was "reading" the little book I made is just great...but also seeing the progress Shane has made is also just so awesome! (and listening to him makes me miss working!) Thanks for sharing this with me!