Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conversations With Shane

We've had our fair share of rough days around this house. Today wasn't one of those though. I want to remember some of the simple little things Shane said today so on those rough days I can look back at them and remember not all days are a battle.

During lunch today (which was chicken rice soup and canned pears...yay...sometimes you do what ya gotta do).

Shane: This is the best day ever and this is the best lunch ever.

I honestly have no idea why today rocked so much in his little mind. Prior to lunch we had spent an hour in the car to and from the emission test place. Guess we should do that more often?!?

One of the oddest things about today was that Kenny didn't come home after work. He had an evening meeting a couple hours away. This happens every now and then. Those days can be really, really long!
During dinner, which was just Shane and I since Adalyn had already gone to bed and Kenny was gone.

I asked Shane what he wanted for dinner. He said the noodles from last night (I was throw off by this request since he hated them last night). 

Shane: I'm going to try my noodles now.

Me: Okay, that would be awesome.

Shane: Mmmmm, they are really, really good!! I like them a lot.

Me: Aren't they yummy. I like them a lot, too. I'm so proud of you for trying them.

Shane: I knew you were going to say that. It makes me happy to do the right thing.

My heart melted!

Later into dinner.

Shane: It's a lot of fun when Daddy and Adalyn are gone.

Me: Oh, but we have fun when they are here and we love them lots.

Shane: Yes, but it's so quiet when they are gone. There isn't as much talking and noise.

I really didn't have anything to say to this statement besides the fact it screams his Sensory Processing Disorder (more to come on that soon). But the comment made me chuckle.

It was an pretty awesome day considering I had the little buggers from 7:30am until bedtime all by myself. I even took Shane to his baseball practice with Adalyn in tow. This day I'll remember when I want to pull my hair out and am counting down the minutes until Kenny gets home from work. 

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